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About Hortinet


Hortinet is a horticutural company based in Lilongwe, Malawi. We cultivate horticultural produce, provide tissue culture plantlets and provide training in organic agronomic techniques and skills to smallholder farms in Malawi.

Hortinet involves young entrepreneurs in organising produce collection from outsourced farms.

The produce collected from our farm and outsourced ones are then processed and packaged to be sold to urban markets through our network of distribution, substituting imported produce.

We are building a more sustainable agricultural value chain from improved water usage and lower fuel use through our gravity-fed irrigation systems and sustainable irrigation techniques.

Hortinet’s low-cost and sustainable irrigation technologies and conservation agriculture are saving input resources and increasing productivity alongside reducing commonly high post-harvest losses.

Our Mission

To promote use of adapted technologies to ensure that smallholder farmers, especially women actively participate in the production, grading,packaging and sale of fresh farm produce.

Our Vision

To solve the problem of low productivity losses in the horticulural sector by optimizing the supply chain of fresh farm produce and plantlets.

Eco-Inclusive Model

Using our Eco-Include business model we are creating market opportunities for smallholder horticulture farmers in Malawi and are working to reach 5,000 farmers, 70% of which will be women, and improve their incomes by 75%.

Impacts of our Eco-Inclusive Model

  • Creating new market opportunities and increased income for mainly female smallholder horticulture farmers.
  • Supporting young entrepreneurs involved in the collection process
  • Increasing sustainable water usage.
  • Reducing fuel use and carbon emissions through gravity-fed irrigation systems.
  • Mitigating the effects of climate change by sharing conservation agriculture practices.
  • Creating more employment opportunities for youth and women.
  • Stimulating the local economy with agricultural products to substitute imported fresh produce
  • Reducing consumer expenditures on fruit and vegetables by up to 30%.
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