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Hortinet Foods

Hortinet foods specializes in cultivation and provision of a variety of fresh horticulutral produce to both urban and local markets.

Hortinet involves young entrepreneurs in organising produce collection from outsourced farms.

The produce collected from our farm and outsourced ones are then processed and packaged to be sold to urban markets through our network of distribution, substituting imported produce.

We are building a more sustainable agricultural value chain from improved water usage and lower fuel use through our gravity-fed irrigation systems and sustainable irrigation techniques.

Hortinet’s low-cost and sustainable irrigation technologies and conservation agriculture are saving input resources and increasing productivity alongside reducing commonly high post-harvest losses.

Our portfolio of products include dried fruits and both fresh fruits & vegetables. We use solar drying and specialized dryers to offer long shelf life , sweet taste and nutrient rich fruits.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
Passion Fruit
Water Melon
Irish Potato
Dried Fruits
Dried Banana
Dried Mango
Dried Pineapples